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Coronavirus: Is Germany enforcing enough laws? Crossing 10,000 exponentially?

Didn’t think the first blog I publish in 2020 would be about the Corona pandemic around my residence and not another travel story!

Note that this blog is strictly not political. It is an independent opinion and a plea to the people around to PLEASE self-quarantine themselves and not wait for the police and government to force them!

Am I the only one who thinks 🇩🇪Germany is not as strict as they should be? Why is the government still advising and not enforcing laws like Spain or Italy? Why are educated people still not self-aware? Why is there still not a curfew enforced? I understand that it is common in German youth to be self-empowered and not be forced to do something outright, but what else do we expect if in a global pandemic suffering, young people have to be pulled out fo bars to stop partying?

Latest: Is Germany heading towards a full lockdown?

I live in Düsseldorf, capital of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the state that has been the epicentre of Covid-19 cases in Germany after the government allowed a full-fledged Carnival in the weekend of 25th-26th Feb’ 2020 when there were already 20 existing Covid-19 cases in Germany!

As I type this, the number of Covid-19 cases in Germany is crossing 10K according to the worldometer database, fourth in the world now outside 🇨🇳 China, having crossed 🇰🇷 South Korea yesterday! Irony is, it sounds like a race!

But that’s not the major concern, it’s of-course a global pandemic and you can’t help it. But what is concerning me is the enforcing measures not taken the government for a country of 80 Million people! Yes they have done which most countries have done with even low Corona cases as preventive measures! AND the lack of self-awareness among the youth!

Quoting from this article on Berlin Spectator released today:

In many parts of Germany, certain supermarket shelves, including those for meat, bread and toilet paper, were empty again, temporarily. All large food retailers present in Germany have stated restocking was not an issue. But doing so as as quickly as Germans are buying it all away obviously is difficult.

So far, no curfews have been announced or implemented in Germany, but all options are on the table. Parts of the population still do not seem to understand how dangerous the situation is. In Berlin, police had to send dozens of teenagers home when they celebrated ‘Corona parties’ at parks. On the streets and in malls, people had behaved as if nothing had happened (see separate article ‘Berliners Unimpressed by Coronavirus, Restrictions and Recommendations‘). The closure of most shops, all pubs and clubs will likely change things now.

But we are talking about Germany, a country with numbers rising exponentially beyond control as of 18th March 2020. Closing down schools and offices definitely don’t seem enough. They closed borders when the number was already 7,000. And paying for it now being too late, numbers jumping 3,000 in less than 3 days.

I stepped out of house after four-days for grocery, and people are still hoarding toilet-papers. They are not just Memes! The streets still has a lot of cars and human beings. I still have friends who are commuting to office which isn’t a healthcare industry. A friend of mine passed by Altstadt this afternoon to find folks doing BBQ under the sun!

Not talking about the extreme level in 🇮🇹 Italy, but the conservative measures enforced in 🇪🇸 Spain and 🇫🇷 France when the cases rose to 5,000 were much much higher than currently in Germany with 10,000 cases already. Spanish streets had drones flying to monitor unnecessary outdoor people when the numbers were 5,000. Italians were locked down after 7,000. 🇨🇭 Swiss took some alarming measures as well to flatten their curve before touching 3,000, but also thanks to their low population. The preventive measures they have taken back home in 🇮🇳 India are extremely strict even if they offend the common folks.

But Germany doesn’t seem to offend the common folks, do they? Or is it Economy? Where are things going if it is worsening anyway?

The local news every morning and afternoon in Deutsche Welle and Local Germany Germany has been disheartening to watch the government not enforcing enough laws like other European countries. I agree that Germany has one of the lowest death-rates of 0.26% in the pandemic situation, but that doesn’t explain the current situation of youths having BBQ in the parks because it’s sunny. I think by now all of us are aware that the younger generation is less susceptible to the virus but still crucial for them to maintain social distance to not transmit to the older generation.

As a tech-nerd, traveller, and a photographer away from medical field, all I can do is self-quarantine and work-remote. But not everyone voluntarily does so! I’m too under-educated to point fingers at the government, but only “advising” voluntary self-quarantine isn’t reflecting the exponential growth! The streets are emptier than before, but not empty.

Quoting Coronavirus: Latest updates in Deutschland:

March 18, 2020: RKI: Ten million infected people if measures are not complied with

Berlin (dpa) – The president of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has warned of a scenario with ten million coronavirus infections in Germany within a few months. This could happen if the measures ordered by the federal government were not followed, Lothar Wieler said in Berlin on Wednesday. “We have an exponential course of the epidemic.” Wieler appealed to people to reduce their social contacts. The virus would only be transmitted from person to person. Meanwhile the RKI has received almost 8200 confirmed cases nationwide, a good 1000 more than the day before.

The threat risks and the steps enforced in Germany seem to be always 2-3 days behind, compared to other European nations! Fingers crossed that with this number having now crossed 10,000, there will be stricter laws in the country and more responsible awareness to not have this pandemic last for months!

Stay tuned to the special announcement that is going to be made this evening by the German Chancellor!

Updated later after the announcement: English Version:Questions in this blog answered with the statement: “We are a democracy. We thrive not because we are forced to do something, but because we share knowledge and encourage active participation. This is a historic task, and it can only be mastered if we face it together.” So Trust and empowerment. I hope things fall in place soon!

Everyone across the globe: Stay safe, contribute in smallest possible way you can, self-quarantine, and take care! Let not the government force you to do things when you can be responsible enough to do it yourself!

Note: I started with the blog at lunch today. Numbers were 9,300. Right now after 5hrs when I took another coffee break to publish this, it is 11,300. And there are still people on the streets of Germany. Feels helpless!

Thumbnail Image: Berlin Spectator