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Festivals: Kolkata

Diwali: Time when stars shy away


When the earth is shinier than the stars, they call it Diwali back home. The city shines up like a new bride and that is one view one must not miss.



It’s this time of the year in the land of incredibly diverse cultures fathoms Diwali- the festival of lights. Us gathered with our families and friends to celebrate the togetherness.



Homes are decorated with flowers, lights, lanterns, Diyas, anything and everything apart from the celestial bodies are adorned onto the houses, pavements, temples, roads, traffic, trees, office cubicles, anywhere and everywhere. Much to the delish-fetish of us Indians, we spend time to prepare Diwali Ladoos and sweets.



People around exhibit a special warmth and a receiving smile. Sweet shops are swarmed with sweet loving creatures. It’s this time which marks the beginning of winter and sun shies away a bit.



Happy Diwali! 🙂

Write Up: Tanumeeta
Photographs: Sayon
Diwali 2013, Kolkata