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Eiffel Portrait, Paris 2018

Now that I am almost 4 yrs in Germany, I finally visited the much hyped Iron Lady: Eiffel Tower. Of these 4yrs, I even lived for a couple years in a small German town called Kaiserslautern which is 2hrs train ride from Paris. Somehow, this wonder of the world never attracted me. Or rather I was waiting to bring my family or my love till I actually made it here. Finally my parents and sister were here on their first Euro trip. And so were we in Paris to witness Eiffel Tower. Not much did I expect myself to get some interesting photographs on a family vacation, but nevertheless decided on 🇫🇷 Eiffel Portrait.


One begins to have sneak peak of the tower the very moment one steps out of the Champ de Mars / Tour Eiffel metro station in Paris.

I could go around a while along the cobbled streets to keep having some sneak peak corner views. I like this part more rather than actually climbing the tower.

Sipping hot coffee and looking at the lit up tower from a glass with rain drops could potentially be one of the best memories for you!

With all the inevitable hustle around this super-touristic spot, I decided to go monochrome. Call it an excuse to avoid the clutter, but black and white frames are something I always strive for. Its a different story that not often do I manage to create something out of the box with monochrome. I find it intriguing and difficult.

Through the iron cages, the iron lady from 18th century indeed seem to tell an untold story.

You could see couples pass by in hands. You could see single soul looking at the tower. Emotions were varied all across that street.

IT was always interesting to look at this 100 feet iron caged monument from the corners of the leaves around.

Talking of emotions, there you see bunch of teenagers looking up high up the tower.. every single individual with a thought that is unique.

The tower stands tall and bright as you pass by the streets and look through the window frames of Paris!

When I looked up to see the clouds floating and gathering by, I knew it was time to go black and white. Clouds and monochrome always build a fairytale worth a thousand words!

I sat across the street for a while. From the footpath I could spend hours looking at life passing by at the foot of the tower. Different people, different culture, different age and different emotions.

What remains still, is the Iron Lady across the vastness of sky.

The symbol of love, Eiffel Tower stands firm in the background of millions of photographs people take back to their home with memories etched forever.

The green garden surrounding the Tower has people traveling from every corner of the planet. Maybe its over-hyped, but none the less the tower watches people at its foot with a mixture of culture beyond imagination.

By the evening cruise, the Iron Lady would lit up to get itself more beautiful than ever.

By the banks of River Seine, Eiffel Tower continues to glitter from the very moment the golden aura of sunset subsides.

Beyond tourists, the street above is the daily life of Paris passing by the foothill of the Iron Lady.

On the left you see joyful siblings and on the right you see happy family waiting for Uber ahead of the Tower at midnight, after heavy rain washed away the city!

My teenage sister loved walking along the French cobbled-streets looking up at the Iron Lady from the corners. She would have memories till she returns back probably with new set of people. On the right is the Mandatory Eiffel 🇫🇷 family-photo when in Paris! Just because I managed to speak all German to a random German family I bumped into, she was bearing up with all my long instructions in getting this frame the way I want! 😉