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Nothing like to simply take a half an hour walk from your apartment, reaching up the castle.. and enjoy the Sunday evening sunset.. 🙂 #spring #heidelberg #sunset #life #weekend #sunday

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Heidelberg– a baroque style old German city with picturesque cityscape: Summer 2015

From the Heidelberg Old Bridge : Fall 2016

Heidelberg Castle across the Old Bridge : Fall 2016

No wonder Fall is my favorite..

The other side of Heidelberg Old Bridge : Fall 2016

River Neckar running parallel : Fall 2016

Marriage at Heidelberg Castle : Summer 2015

The Heidelberg castle across River Neckar: Summer 2015


The cloudy weekend up the hills.. 🙂 #saturday #heidelberg #castle #riverneckar

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The Heidelberg Castle ruins are probably the most important renaissance structures here.

Heidelberg Fireworks: : Summer 2015

More night photographs of the castle at Illuminated Heidelberg!

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