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Resurrection : The Tarpan Saga

Here it all starts and here it all ends. The Ganges.

Known for its honest morale of pledged purity, it be the very place of the Goddess Durga’s manifested emergence and immense immersion. It be also the place of the great holy gateway of “Pitru Tarpan”, where long escaped souls are believed to linger around their heirs, into the worldly realm. Expecting the care and remembrance meant after touching a nostalgia. The otherwise permanent absence, arranges that one spiritual brush with the physical world, flocked across the Ganges.

Feeding the poor imparts any soul solace. This day, dedicated to the underprivileged, this one day, the present ancestral thread- knot earns his bit of consolation.


  tanumeetaghosh    Guest Post Written by: Tanumeeta Ghosh
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