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Passing by Rheinfall

On our way to Switzerland this summer, we stopped by Rheinfall for half an hour. It lies in the German-Swiss border between the cantons of Schaffhausen (Germany) and Zürich (Switzerland).



Rheinfall is a beautiful natural feature that has different views from the German side and the Swiss side. All the photographs here are from Schaffhausen (Germany).




With about 450ft width and 75ft height, it is the largest plain waterfall in Europe when it comes to the amount of area covered. They say Eels are the only fish that manages to climb this waterfall.



We passed by the fall at about 10:30AM in the morning. And unfortunately the sun wasn’t shining in the right direction, bringing misery to photography enthusiasts.



The scenery is stunning here. I won’t compare this with Niagara obviously, but it’s worth a visit if you are in Europe. The fall isn’t high, but is spread over a large area. You could turn around 360 degree and all you would see is the magnificent fall by the Rhine, the black forest, and the Wörth Castle located right there.



There are boat trips that can be taken up the Rhine to the falls. But with the schedule we had, we managed to be here only for about 30 minutes. That certainly does not do justice to a waterfall as magnificent as this.



And long exposure shots of the fall would stay in the bucket list, till I visit the next time! 🙂