Sayon (pronounced: Shayon) is a traveler’s soul with a camera in his backpack. He dived into photography and motion pictures when he was 17. Since then it has been one of his serious passion.

Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Geo-spatial Data and Image Processing fascinates him. By profession, he is Data Scientist/ Software Developer at trivago based in Düsseldorf since August 2017. He concentrates in images there.

He is originally from Kolkata, India. He moved to Germany in September 2014 for his masters at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern. He worked as a software developer and research assistant at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence- DFKI at Kaiserslautern for more than a year.  He was also living in Heidelberg for a year while working at SAP HANA Earth Observation Analytics

He likes to play table tennis when it comes to sports. Lately he has also been into running. He is a very outgoing person and likes spending time with friends and family. He loves to try out new food, cook creative recipes, explore culture, meet new people, and traveling.

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