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Bipasha Basu for Aatma

Interview by Sreejeeta Sen for Tollywood Dhamaka.

The sexy and the bold siren and the new ‘grey’ actress Bipasha Basu has always driven her fans but especially belonging to the Kolkata she has always made the Kolkatans go gaga over her.

What is the charisma of Kolkata that brings you here before your every release?

I come in Kolkata for other reasons also as my whole family and my extended family all live in Kolkata. So I keep coming quietly, but those are very secretive visits when I don’t really want to meet anyone else but the family. You know, many months have passed from my last visit. I came here last during Durga Puja and you know Kolkata is where I have grown up, from the age of eight to sixteen I have been in Calcutta but my grandmother and all aunts are here so I have very strong connection with here. You know my growth has happened in Calcutta and what attracts rest of my people to Kolkata is the food for sure. Means every time we come here, we go to every city for promotion, but in Calcutta we land up eating so much food and we have just come from our lunch. (Laughs out loud)


In recent times it is seen that you have done some grey characters as well as horror movies so what is the fact behind your inclination towards it?

Nobody starts with a grey role, I did it in ‘Ajnabee’ and there was a point of time in 2003 when none of the leading ladies would ever want to do an adult film that’s the time when I did ‘Jism’ and there was a trend for bold native roles for women written out. I have never really thought about these things what matters to me is a good film and a great role and there are very few people who write good roles for women in our business. My reason for doing two horror films back to back is the fact that they both are both are entertaining full and it gives me a level of performance like Shanay that I played in ‘Raaz 3’ was something that I never played before and it was definitely the most challenging.

What is the genre that you are looking more forward to it?

I have done fifty five films and I think that must be involving twenty comedies, thirty thrillers and only four horror films, if you take the ratio right I think I should be doing more horror films. I am trying to catch up and balance all the genres.

You have already done a Bengali movie ‘Shob Charitra Kalponik’, what are your future plans regarding working in a Bengali movie?

If I want to do a Bengali film then it should be something very unique and very insisting. The only person who I am in touch with is Srijit, once in a while we chat and it’s like I really liked his work and honestly I have not seen much except Srijit’s work.

Kolkata gets really excited when it comes to your marriage plans, so if you can share about it?

You all find me a boy, Ma will really get happy if you all can get me a boy from Kolkata. If you can find me a Bengali boy Ma will get really happy. You all find me one. (Laughs out loud)

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Special thanks to Nayandeep Rakshit and Rachna Srivastava.