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The Love Bridge

Eiserne Steg – The famous iron footbridge connects Frankfurt’s old town with the popular going out district of Sachsenhausen.
That’s what the Frankfurt Tour leaflet in my hand read.

A nice way to cross the main river by foot, was the motto when climbing up the bridge.
No sooner did I look around, I noticed colorful locks hanging along, hundreds of them.. no wait, thousands of them, more than just thousand actually!
Padlocks stranded across the metal railings all over, with names engraved on them.

One can keep looking and going through the love locks.
I turned to google to know about the custom.

Over the years, tons of couples have come to the bridge to ‘lock’ their love with the love padlocks, inscribe their names and throw away the key!
A custom that has well overloaded the iron bridge with more and more padlocks, which looks more than just an work of art.

Wikipedia states that this custom first took hold in Paris.
Since the popularity of the Pont de l’Archevêché love lock bridge, it has appeared all over cities in the world.

Construction of this 170-meter long pedestrian bridge began in 1868 at Frankfurt.
For centuries, it has seen padlocks being locked with wishes to bind two hearts till the end of the world, and the keys being thrown into the main river to not to be found again.

Couples come and go with the wish of their everlasting love.
The power of true love!