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The Sunderbans Morning wake up,
not like just-another-day,

on a lounge ,
in the middle of a river,
through the vast delta.

..from dark to dawn,
with the hue of sunshine,
an image less real, more adrift,
lost in the reverie.

..the freshwater swamps and the mangroves,
the silence, the stillness,
and the sudden glimpse of life..

brewing in the mind,
the hardships of existence,
of the trawlers and dwellers,

in the land of marsh,
and the terrain of carnivore.

..and through the mist and fog,
as the sun rises trailing the forest,
burying the cold night,

The Sunderbans Morning #8

at times the mind is vigilant,
looking for the tiger
amid the woods,

only to gaze at the horizon,
and live the delusion,
the vastness and the bliss,
of the Sunderbans Morning.