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Snow White Kaiserslautern

I promised you warmth this snowfall
The white cover will act as a blanket
Time stood still as my mind crystallized
Gazing on the spotless positive….

I promised you I’ll catch you in this fall
As you will melt over my face, hands and soul….

Written by Abhishek Bagchi (Dubai)

..and actually it wasn’t easy to shoot the snow! ..the walk around the city before Universität starts in the cold morning today, was an experience of its own kind. …yes, the adrenalin rush to be in such an ambience for the first time must have been the driving force I believe.  ..not to forget, handling the camera with your gloves on, is a new art learnt! At the end of the day, worth it. 🙂

Photographs: Sayon Kumar Saha (Germany)